The Day That Changed America Forever: 9/11

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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9/11 was one of the worst things to ever happen in American history. It has changed America economically, socially, politically, and militarily. Innocent people lost their lives or they lost their loved ones. They will never forget September 11, 2001. People already know who designed the attacks. The terrorist group that attacked was none other than, Al Qaeda and their leader Osama Bin Laden. But, now they just ask one question. Why? Their first target was the World Trade Center, which could be described as the financial capital of the multinational businesses of the United States. The twin towers weren’t only functional centers of finance, but they were also iconic symbols of America’s enormous economic impact throughout the world. Their second target, the Pentagon, is another icon as well as the purposeful center of the massive military strength of the United States. The attacks were caused by same cause that starts every war that has ever taken place. It’s about wealth and money. How did 9/11 change the world economically? After 9/11 the economy definitely dropped. Money spent on manufacturing goods and services now have to be spent to make the distribution stations protected from terrorism. Because the United States is such a large trading partner in the world, all economies will tolerate the cost of refining security. This makes transportation of people, products and services more expensive to produce. The attacks on 9/11 threatened the core of the US financial system situated in the area of the attacks and caused the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. Also, 9/11 definitely changed America socially. Before, people didn’t fear boarding their flight. Now, that’s what most people fear. Also, if they do board, they are terrified if they see someone who looks like a terrorist in fear that something like 9/11 will occur again. Ever since 9/11, there is more discrimination against Muslims and people from the Middle East. People automatically associate the...