The Day My Life Fell Apart!

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Lesson 3
Essay # 1

Thousands of miles away in Maine there I was distant from my family, and my friends. I had realized I’d been overwhelmed with so much stuff in my life well with school and working two part-time jobs that I had neglected speaking with my family. That’s when I got a call from my brother, explaining that my father had gotten sick and he had been for quite some time. As soon as I heard this I called and I spoke with my father. I asked him what was going on why was he ill, but he would just give me the “I’m Fine” line “it’s just a little bronchitis.” I told him that he needed to get well and that I would call him in a couple of days and check up on him. He said ok and we ended the call.

After a number of days had passed, which seemed to me like months since I had last spoke to my father. That’s when I got the call, the one that no human being would ever want to get. It was my brother and my sister conference calling me to tell me that dad had gotten worse and he was being admitted to the hospital. They explained the doctors expressed that he has throat cancer and it has already progressed to stage IV, and we should call in the family. When I heard this, I broke down crying so hard that I was having troubles catching my breath. My brother said the doctor’s say that he has less than two months to live and that it was so far along that treatment probably was out of the question. For the time being, I told my dad that I loved him and that I was coming home as soon as I could get a flight out. Within the next couple of hours, I had bought my airplane ticket for that next morning, which was the earliest, I could get a flight out. I then packed some of my things, made lots of phone calls to my school both of my jobs explaining what was going on and why I was leaving all of a sudden. That night I couldn’t sleep I just lay wide-awake thinking what am I going to do. I landed in Kansas City at about 10am, first thing I did was called my...
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