The Culture of Violence

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The culture of violence
Violence is spread all over the world and it is a controversial topic in society. In every country there are different methods to deal with the problem of violence and I decided in to describe in this article the situation in my home country Austria.

Violence is often connected to parents and how they deal with their children. Many parents start, in course of an emotional crisis or stressing conditions in their everyday life, to beat their children without a reason and the children in years of childhood often do not understand why they get punished. The problem is that such situations in the life of a young child build up a personality that is hard to change. Such children start to compensate the problems they have at home through bullying and beating up other students in school. Many parents then try to solve this problem through convincing their child to do sports, but sports can also be seen as something that promotes violence. Violence goes hand in hand with sports; you only have to think about boxing. Such sports are accepted in society but nobody thinks about the consequences showing these sports to children. They could start to see such a behaviour as something normal and even start to behave in the same way. All in all violence is a difficult topic but as far as I am concerned, the solution to prevent violence is to educate your child in a violent-free way.
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