Teenage Violence

Topics: Adolescence, Educational psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Today I’m here in front of all of you to talk to you about one of the major issues the teens from our current generation is suffering from... and that is Teenage Violence. What comes into your mind when you hear of the phrase “Teenage violence”? Many of you might think of physical harm. Or bullying. But in reality, teenage violence is far from just that. Teenage violence includes many other different activities, and these include fights, suicide and gang violence. What causes teenage violence? Unfortunately, pinpointing the causes of teenage violence is not as simple as pointing to a video game or taking away a gun. There are many causes of teen violence. And we should know that VIOLENCE IS A LEARNED BEHAVIOR. Teens can learn violence through their family and peers, as well as from their neighborhoods and their community. They can also learn from what they watch off the television, the internet, music videos, video games, and their choice of music.

Teen violence is real, and is a big part of a teenager’s life in the society we live in today. It can include things like dating someone who is violent, who slaps them around frequently. A child sees violence in their school every day; many teens are using drugs and alcohol and become very depressed. This can be dangerous because they are not thinking clearly and may bring a gun or knife to school. If teen is in a bad enough state they could shoot other students or themselves, or maybe a teacher that they feel has been unfair to them. Depression can cause anyone to become violent especially a teenager. The best way to help prevent teen violence is by not allowing it in your home.

One in five high school girls has been in a violent relationship with a boy. Teenage violence has been a problem for a long time but statistics show that this problem is growing and getting more violent each year. Understand that it is a serious problem and we need to not take it lightly. In conclusion I invite you to take a stand by...
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