The Cuases, Effects, and Prevention of Homophobia in America

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gay Pages: 6 (2588 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Homophobia is an immense issue in todays society, but especially in America. The completely irrational prejudices against the community of this country is on the rise. This is due to a number of causes of which we as the American people have the ability to change. We must closely exam the causes and the effects of homophobia in America to completely understand why and where this is still occurring in modern day society and how it may be further prevented. Homosexuality has existed as long as humanity itself, and with homosexuality always seems homophobia, or the completely extreme and irrational fear or aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people, is sure to exist. This prejudice against homosexuals has been in one way or another shown to exist in almost every culture and society, although some cultures have come to coexist with the gay community in harmony, others how ever still have much work to do in the stride for equal rights and lack of discrimination for the gay population in their countries. Of these countries most are found in the Middle Eastern regions, in places like Africa, Egypt, and Iran homosexuality is a felony, and in many cases will have one either imprisoned or killed. It is in a way expected that these countries would oppose homosexuality so strongly, due to their strong Islamic traditions. But a country that it would not seem irrational to think would be more open to the gay population is the United States of America, but this is not true. Homosexuals might not be stoned to death in the streets of America, but they also don’t have the options of freedom and rights those in Europe have either. According to statistics, nearly half of America still has a strong opposition or hatred toward this community, as a country America needs to realize how absurd this completely irrational prejudice is and how much of a waste of it really is. As a country we should fight to stop homophobia in its tracks. Homophobia has really existed, but when did it really start occurring in the U.S.? The term homophobia was coined in 1967 by Wainwright Churchill in his study on the habits and lifestyles of gay men in America. Ever since then, it seems the term has stuck, even if it is used in the wrong context. The term left the scene of American society for around 20 years or so, but resurfaced much, much stronger with the global AIDS pandemic in the 1980s, gays across the globe were targets of severe and irrational beliefs that AIDS was a “gay mans disease”. Such beliefs of course are highly illogical, but that does not stop them from spreading like the disease its’ self. This stereotype can still be seen in todays supposidly more liberal modern society. Such stereotypes fuel the continued occurrence of homophobia, especially in the U.S., which in return keeps the continues cycle of hate and prejudice going. The issues that stem from homophobia are numerous and far and in-between, but many are huge and obvious issues that America as a whole could change if its’ people really wanted to. Of the many prejudices against the gay population, it stands no more obvious anywhere else than in equal rights, rights that all Americans deserve. The discrimination of housing, employment, and equal marriage rights, all must be stopped. America is singling out a “minority” with in it’s borders, and that is wrong, the “land of the free” is showing a severe hypocritical, and bigoted side that no one should ever see occur. What is really the core cause of all the negative energy toward Americas gay community? Of the many things that cause homophobia in America, government would not be expected, but it is true to say that government is where most of the negative energy toward the gay community stems from. The American government is supposed to support it’s people as a whole, in an equal unbiased manner. If this is true, why is the government putting such restrictions like the ban on same-sex marriage on the gay community? This is a direct...
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