The Crucibles Literary Analysis

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Michelle Burlaza
Mr. Coons
American Literature
23 April, 2013
“The Crucibles” Literary Analysis
In the Drama “The Crucibles” by Arthur Miller, creates an intensifying and motivating situation that keeps readers on their toes eager to find out what happens next. Miller gives a dramatical attitude and emotion in the situation that is scattering in Salem. Miller emphasizes the plot/situation in the text through a few specific characters, their conflicts, and transition of the plot in every act. Miller describes the plot through 3 main characters; John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail Williams. I liked how throughout the play miller focused on the conflict in between the 3 characters which impacted the overall plot of the play, through each act. John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor’s husband is committing the sin of adultery with Abigail Williams, secretly. He tries to save his reputation by demonstrating he’s faithful to god and his wife Elizabeth in the court. Miller gives a sudden twist with Mr. Proctor that totally changed the conflict’s view point of the play towards the ending of the play. Mr. Millers indicates us with a really good plot, the way that it is expressed throughout the drama just made me feel intense and eager to want to keep reading. Miller shows motivation and commitment to trials. Furthermore, he also shows faith in God or in other words Christianity. In Act I, Miller opens up the plot with an abrupt start of John Proctors and Abigail Williams’s secret love affair, as miller describes how Abigail approaches to john maliciously by sweet talking to him and causing him to feel guilt and shame for what he did to her before. This shows how Miller uses a conflict within a conflict to create the mood of the drama. In the play Miller writes; Abigail: (grasping his hand before he can release her) “John- I am waitin’ for you every night.” Proctor: “Abby, I never give you hope to wait for me.” Abigail: (Now beginning to anger-she can’t believe it)....
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