The Crucible Narrative Essay

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  • Published : October 27, 2008
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The Crucible Narrative Essay

Through my time being with the church I have never questioned or doubted the sacredness of our work once, but recently I have come to find myself realizing that the duty performed by reverends of this sanction are ill minded in determining the wrongfulness of a fellow towns member’s affairs. I am now considering leaving the church; I must record all of my reasons for doing so in this journal.

I have had enough of doing the devil’s work and I will no longer take part in dealing the devil’s hand to innocent people, I will no longer be associated with the church. I believe strongly about what I am beginning because I no longer feel that an accused man is going to be judged fairly and justly always.

I do however have some regrets about my decision to leave due in great part to the mass criticism I receive from several of the church members and few townsfolk. The harshness and sting of many taunting insults have led me to believe that I may have made the wrong decision however, a large amount of close friends of the town have reassured me of my just causes for departure from the church.

I could have chosen to stay with the church and try to learn to live with the pain and disgrace of my former position, however I still do not believe that would have or could have been the proper course of action. If I had chosen to stay with the church I think after enough time I would have become a lying, conniving man similar to Brother Parris and Brother Danforth.

I have come to the conclusion and belief that I have made the correct decision about my future in this town and I will question it no further. I do sympathize the families of those who have been unlawfully charged and punished with various crimes not committed by them and I would also like to send my sincerest apology to all those that I have been involved in falsely trying for crimes they did not do. I can only pray that future generations may learn from our...
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