Emotional Components of Decision Making

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Emotional Components of Decision Making

My life changing decision which comprised of many emotional components, took place in December 2009. I was totally torn and unable to make a decision. In my opinion my final decision resembled Tetlock's (1992) definition of a decision maker as a politician. I had to utilize both my cognitive as well as my social interpretations, as realistic as possible, so as to finalise my decision. I am a registered nurse; I was offered a job abroad in December of 2009 to work as a nurse manager in Bermuda. My apprehension was due to the fact that my family could not relocate with me on a permanent basis, as was stated in the proposed contract; they could visit, but not stay. I could not fathom the idea of leaving my family, especially my two kids to migrate to a strange island to work. Yes, the opportunity would have been for my personal development career wise as well as monetary, but my family I believed was of upmost importance. I therefore decided to decline the job offer, and stay with my family. In the long run, I believed i made the right choice. I was offered only a few months ago, an opportunity to take up a new position in Tortola, where my family can relocate with me. The major part of my decision making was solely based on my emotions as it related to making a choice between a new job with better pay and benefits or my family. I ultimately chose my family, and have not regretted the decision. Despite the fact that my decision was not one of a critical and or major incident, I honestly believed it would have been major if i had chosen to leave my family. References

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