The Crucible

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Christian Ruiz
Period. 2
The Crucible
We all lie but to what point do the lies just go too far? In The Crucible by Arthur Miller Abigail Williams tells lies to the city of Salem, she speaks of witches. At first she told a small lie so she would not get it trouble but the lies soon escalated. Now she was lying for her own gain, to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor so she can have John Proctor all to herself. Arthur Miller teaches that lying is harmful through characters developed by the usage of dialogue, stage directions and diction. Arthur Miller uses dialogue to give insight on what is going through the character’s mind. Rev. Hale tells Proctor that he will hang if he does not confess to the lies, Proctor does but then decides not to ultimately the decision end his life. The lies started by Abigail Williams portrayed harm to the characters, here they eventually led to the death of John Proctor. By first agreeing to confess he shows that he wants to survive for his family, making him a caring man. Abigail admits to proctor in a confrontation between the two that she wants his, “wife to hang.”(143.). She is manipulative, she will not hesitate to lie to get what she wants.

Miller also uses stage directions to give the reader a better understanding of the characters. It gives actions the characters do more meaning. Giles’s stage directions are things that show his courage and strength but he also worries for his wife, he, usually is a strong man but the stage directions show he became “shaken” when he learned of all the people who were accused including his wife. Stage directions also show the reactions of characters. It tells us what the character is feeling without the character actually saying anything. For example, when Hale speaks to Proctor about Abigail he “widens his eyes” and is “suspicious” towards Proctor. The lies Abigail came up brings Rev. Hale to question Proctor a respected citizen of Salem. Lying caused harm to all people in the town...
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