The Count of Monte Cristo Identity Changes

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The Count of Monte Cristo is a very sourceful book with characters creating different and new identities. Fernand changes to Count de Morcerf during the time of Dantes' imprisonment, Mercedes changes to Countess de Morcerf after her marriage to Fernand, Cadderouse changes to M. Pilletin, Benedetto changes to Andrea Cavalcanti to disguise and murders Cadderouse, and last but certaintly not least Edmund Dantes with the various identity changes. Even though these characters names are just being changed or in Dantes' case, changing their names, this still means creating various identities. In every identity change, there is a different name or "alias" as some people call it, and with every name comes a different identity. Dantes had to create a different personality to go with each new character to keep himself disguised. Just like anyone else who may be popular, people feel the need to change their identities for many different reasons, some more commonly used than others. People who change their identities may feel the need to change their identity, because it lets you be someone different, it's unique, it defines who you really are or who you want to be, it allows you to hide or get away from yourself and others, and many other reasons. For these reasons or at least some of them, I feel that Dantes, the main character of this book creates a new identity so many times. The main reason I believe that he changed his identity so many times was to hide himself Edmund Dantes from the people he confronted.

As I stated before, Edmund Dantes created these different identities to hide from the other characters that he confronted in the book. He confronted many people whom he had confronted in the past. Appearing as Dantes would have probably caused more conflict between him and those characters. For example: I believe the first identity change came after he escaped from prison and found the treasure. Dantes had disguised himself into the priest Abbe Busconi. He had an...
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