The Cosmopolitan Corporation

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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Pankhaj Ghemawat is a well-known economist whose believes question the perfect across border market integration. What is interesting, Ghemawat became the youngest ‘guru’ included in the guide of the greatest management thinkers of all time published by The Economist in 2008. Among other research articles, he is an author of “The Cosmopolitan Corporation’ published in Harvard Business Review’ in May 2011. In his short thesis, Ghemawat claims that the global approach to the business mangement many thinkers adopt is wrong. According to his dissertation “the vast majority of firms are deeply rooted in their home countries’. That is why, it is crucial to endorse cosmopolitan attitude of understanding and working with cultural, political and economic differences rather then against them. In fact, global success requires diveristy and distance, and companies should never eliminate them. Pankaj Ghemawat is a scholar who strongly voices his opinions. Although in the mentioned article he is very much focused on showing the essence of the problem, he tries to state his general views at the same time. It makes the article to become an overview of authors findings regarding not only the cosmopolitan corporations, but also the global strategy or intercultural management. In his line of the arguments he refers to the books he has written and the conclusions he has come to before. As a consequence, the connection of many interesting but also a bit dissenting opinions makes some parts of the article difficult to follow, especially if you are not familiar with the authors viewpoints. At the very beginning of his article he refers to Immanuel Kant or Kenichi Ohmae and his famous book ‘ the invisible continent” in order to give us the examples of those who ignore boundaries. For sure, it is intriguing how he exposes the assumption we need to agree with in order to understand the importance of the discussed topic. The reader starts to believe that the problems exists and...
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