The Corner and Good Job Opportunities

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Looking Out for Yourself

It's sad but true that "If you don't look out for yourself,

no one else will." For example, some people have a false idea

about the power of a college degree, they think that once

they possesses the degree, the world will be waiting on their

doorstep. In fact, nobody is likely to be on their doorstep

unless, through advance planning, they has prepared

themselves for a career. The kind in which good job

opportunities exist. Even after a person has landed a job,

however, a healthy amount of self-interest is needed. People who

hide in corners or with hesitation to let others know about

their skills doesn't get promotions or raises. Its

important to take credit for a job well-done, whether it involves

writing a report, organized the office filing system, or

calming down an angry customer. Also, people should feel free to

ask the boss for a raise. If they work hard and really

deserve it. Those who look out for themselves get the

rewards, people who depend on others to help them along get left


Why I Didn't Go to Church

I almost never attended church in my boyhood years. There was

an unwritten code that the guys on the corner was not to be

seen in churches'. Although there was many days when I

wanted to attend a church, I felt I had no choice but to stay...
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