Topics: Twitter, Employment, Web 2.0 Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Relevance to own teaching:
My teacher’s role is to create a climate in which learners contribute to and negotiate my own development. As learners they progress through the levels, learners increasingly observe the teachers behaviour and etiquette, in order to get an insight of what is employability. Therefore it is the teacher’s duty to continuously develop personal practice and professionalism to provide an image for employability.

Social media has become a massive deterrent in schools within the past decade. All staff are recommended to have locked social media accounts and not access them during school hours. We consistently preach the negatives of social media on education and social development. Learners are therefore banned from accessing any forms of social media during school hours. One of the negative that have been recently highlighted in the media is the accountability and future consequences of today’s actions. Paris Brown a youth police and crime commissioner, who had recently achieved a £15,000pa job, had to resign over twitter accusations of her being “racist and homophobic” She had previously made statements, on twitter 3 years prior to her attaining her job. In a statement, From Miss Brown "I accept that I have made comments on social networking sites which have offended many people and I am really, truly sorry for any offence that has been caused. I strongly reiterate that I'm not a racist and I'm not a homophobic. I have fallen into the trap of behaving with bravado on social networking sites. I hope that this stands as a learning experience for many other young people. I now feel that in the interests of everybody concerned, in particular the young people of Kent who I feel benefit enormously from the role of a youth commissioner, that I should stand down,". (BBC News, 2013). It is imperative that all teachers and leaners maintain a professional stance on social media sites, as it may effect their employment in the future....
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