The Conflict

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The conflict


The cold war sparks when Mr. Hodge, the manager of the laboratory, started to put his nose on Franklin’s division and created the conflict. Hodge, is an ambitious and selfish man which concerns his own good, thus, he tried to persuade Franklin, as the manager of the utility turbine division, to make him a part of his job to make the decision of the final material that would be used, and increased his territory of authority. On the other hand, Franklin did not feel the least excited about his idea and opposed his proposal. Franklin said that Hodge lack the skill to appreciate the designs and architecture of materials which is an essential skill in choosing final materials being used by the division itself. Hodge then bounces back the sarcasm by saying that Franklin himself lacks the knowledge of the composition of the materials itself comparing to Hodge, a metallurgist and an expert in knowing the characteristics of many metals. Still, Franklin put the least care to what Hodge grumbles.

The peak of this conflict was started when Franklin gave a phone call to Hodge and informed him that he needs to make a schedule for one of his critical project immediately. But then, Hodge replied that they could meet up and discuss about the very project the day after which fired up Franklin’s patience. Franklin replied that the project is none of his concern and he added up his long-held complaint about his low prioritized division that is one of the major reason why his project cannot meet up the schedule. Hodge then tried to monopolizes Franklin by playing with words. Hodge stated that the reason military jet division got the highest priority is because of administrative issues, and the solution to this is to let Hodge be a part of Franklin’s division with an aim to make himself learn the urgency inside the division and thus, make the division more prioritized. Hearing this, Franklin hang up the phone.

The major issue of this conflict is the...
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