The Concept of Miscommunication in Love

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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The Concept of Miscommunication in Love

Although one deals with young-spirited love and the other with a deceitful love, the stories "Hills Like White Elephants" and "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses" convey a mutual theme: the intersection of love and trust. The notion of miscommunication between men and woman is not new; it applies to every couple individually and all people as a whole. It is very important to note that although “love” and “trust” are common and recognizable concepts, they definitely bring freshness to life and motivate one to persevere. A close analysis of the way Michael and Frances Loomis, the couple in "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses," and the man referred to as “the American” and his girl, Jig, the couple in "Hills Like White Elephants," react to their encounters with relationship demonstrates that both writers, Hemingway and Shaw, use both texts to tell similar stories about the complexity of love. The stories take place in public areas, which disallows emotional bursts and leaves internal suffer to characters. The setting is significant; it provokes the center issue of Michael Loomis repulsive tendency to enjoy staring at other female figures that surround him with their beauty in Fifth Avenue, regardless to the presence of his jealous wife. Women’s nature is to obtain a certain control and feeling of belonging to their man, though at times it can reach excessive level that consequence in obsession. Frances is seen as a weak character for being obsessed about her husband’s meaningless habit. She does not draw a line to her assertive behavior. Yet, in the hills, the situation is not different; Hemingway illustrates the couple’s issue through the use of dialogue. Jig is presented as a young foreigner travelling with her long-term boyfriend, and it is stated that they are in the crossroad of their relationship, thus a decision must take place to bright up their love once again. The American tries to convince Jig constantly to go...
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