Hills Like White Elpephants

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Research Paper: “Hills like White Elephants”.
Reading a story once may not unveil all the details or the true story behind what’s being read, and that’s why I chose “Hills like White Elephants”, a s tory that to be understood you need to look for symbolism, foreshadowing and a lot more literary terms that we have learned through the weeks in this course. It is amazing how you can discover that what you understood of the reading when you first read it is more than likely wrong. Here we are going to go over some of the most important things in this story, using some additional sources to base the interpretation of the story.

While reading the story first thing it came to mind was, what is this story about? , I couldn’t seem to figure out what the plot was. The way Hemingway presents his story is really confusing because he lets it up to the reader of what they want to do out of the story, the reader basically decides what is going on in the story due that very little detail is revealed, on why are the 2 characters there at that bar, and why are they having an argument, that seems not to make any sense?. In an article that I read by Timothy O’Brien “Allusion, Word-Play, and the Central Conflict in Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants” O’Brien focuses on what the setting and the dialogue mean. Just to summarize the plot in the story according to the article just mentioned, the girl is pregnant and the man does not want her to have the baby, he basically wants her to have an abortion, knowing that that is a very difficult decision to make he uses his “dialog” to try to convince her, she also tried to explain in various ways the importance it had to her, at the end of the story we are left with the incognito of what happened, what was the decision they finally took. We would also see how the surroundings play an important role in the story, for example in another article we will discuss “The Hemingway Review” Stanley Renner one of the contributors...
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