The Computers Change the Workplace

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Name: George Ibrahim
Topic: Differences between men and women in terms of how they talk or behave?

This topic talks about the differences between the gender men and women in leadership style, there were some researchers in the fields of psychology, management, and sociology, especially in recent years, as women begun to start been in leadership positions. In the last few years the important topic and the most intensely studied topics was this topic ((the differences between men and women in leadership)). The researchers have been trying to provide an explanation and the searches announced that few of women leaders, the searches proves that women become the largest part of the work force because the last two decades women have made an important progress into the lower and middle management positions. I got a man and women leader in my jobs so men are too powerful for that reason. But men are too strick that will help to get a beautiful work, I would like to have a women manager for two reasons. First thing women in the past, the leadership opportunities for women tended to be limited to all female organizations such as sororities, convents and female institutions of education but all the other things were almost men boss. In the past the number of women in leadership was so little those who want to be leaders usually need to be extremely well qualified, have proven records to be overprepared for their positions and must have some skills (problem solver, good communication, multi-tasking and also a good learner) The second reason is there was some researches said that those few last years women leaders were more than the men and they have demonstrated that women can be competitive and assertive, in some cases trying to be more “male” than the males. I think the success of hers job was by their open mind, good communication with the men , also she gives a good advices, good behavior and able to understand them by her mentality the future job will be in...
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