The Civil Engineer

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The Civil Engineer

Becoming A Civil Engineer

Darrion Epps

English 102
Professor Tall
February 25, 2013

The Civil Engineer2

In the modern world engineering could mean anything. Before the 1400s if you were considered an engineer your job dealt with engines. If you want to study the discipline of engineering it would be wise to know some of the constructions and infrastructures civil engineers work on. It would also be wise to look at some of the earlier engineers creations as well. The term engineer has changed a great deal after the Industrial Revolution into an umbrella for many different fields in one. You can be planning a project and be an engineer, examining a monument, cleaning a dam, working on mechanics, digging, doing research, or even simply sitting at a desk and be an engineer. Civil Engineering is a great field to go in, because of the high rate of increasing green jobs becoming available in the ever-growing technological world we live in. In this world regions have different values of life and different environmental issues, so it’s the engineer’s job to help come up with suitable solutions to them problems. Like in Japan, they have a small economy and have a population over two million so engineers would have to come up with ways to satisfy all them individuals with enough living space.

The Civil Engineer 3

The Civil Engineer:
Becoming a Civil Engineer
The study of Engineering is a very broad discipline with many fields, with specific emphasis on particular areas of technology. You also have to think about how Engineers have played a vital role in human civilization since the beginning of civilization. The first agricultural settlements to utilize irrigation canals, the Ancient Egyptian pyramids, Roman Aqueducts, the Eiffel...
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