Rights and Responsibilities of an Engineer

Topics: Morality, Natural environment, Business ethics Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Engineers apply theories and principles of science and mathematics to research and develop economical solutions to technical problems. Engineers in each branch have a base of knowledge and training that can be applied in many fields. They have many rights and responsibilities

Engineers have the distinct responsibility to maintain a steadfast ethical footing to ensure that each and every task is carried out with responsibly and correctly. * Responsibilities

*Conflict of interest
*Your impartial opinion and actions are expected. *Interest may interfere with professional obligation. ~ Financial and personal interest

* Company guide lines
* Ask your coworker or manager for second opinion.
Appearance of conflict of interest is already a problem
* Undermines mutual trust
*Environmental ethics
Humans are part of the environment.
* Safety of people
Moral standing of environment has increased
* Nature considered important beyond usefulness to humans. Animals, plants, ecosphere need to be considered.
Often conflicting goals.
* Focus on humans benefit.
* Focus on environmental impact.

* Rights
* Rights to privacy.
* Right to participate in activities of your own choosing outside of work. * Right to reasonably object to company policies without fear of retribution. * Right to due process.
* Right of profession conscience
* * Right to exercise professional judgement in discharging your duties. * *right to exercise this judgment in an ethical manner.
* *example :right to refuse to engage in unethical behavior … * Exercising of rights may be viewed as insubordination.
* Whistle blowing discloses wrongdoing in organization
International whistle blowing
External whistleblowing
* Considered bad for organization and act of disloyalty.
* *some legal protection.
* Right conditions need to be...
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