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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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What actually is the aim of learning engineering ethics? And is that only mean by having the master standard of professional conduct specified in the major engineering codes of ethics? Are there any problems for organizations to let engineers learning ethics and following the codes? To answer these questions, let's just identify what is the meaning of 'codes of engineering ethics'. They are codes that adopted by government or some organization like 'ECUK' to regulate the behavior of engineers and it is a code of professional responsibility. It is also a guidance and help to make people aware of the ethical content of engineering work. Although there is still potential different between what the code allows or suggests, and what it may be right to do, but it provides a clear mind for engineers of what behavior is considered as 'right' or 'wrong' in different circumstance. Professional codes not like law, if you break the law, you will get punishment, but professional codes normally don't have any discipline force. As a result, a deficiency in engineering codes of ethics is found to be one of the roots of engineering failure since there are not set penalties for engineers doing something disobeying engineering concepts and without honesty and integrity. According to the statement, it has mentioned that being a professional is always needed to conduct specified in major engineering codes of ethics. And the speaker of the statement expected engineering ethics must consist of the agreements between different engineering societies on moral issues since they are playing an essential role to ensure that safety standard are maintained. His argument is the people in that societies officially speak for engineering profession, engineers should follow and support the profession code from them since it is recognized as ‘what engineers should do’ and ‘right thing to do’. And it helps make their profession a practice of which they need not feel morally guilty and shame. However,...
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