The Causes of Pollution

Topics: Oxygen, Pollution, Waste Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The causes of pollution

Pollution is the release of harmful environmental contaminants. The main air pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead oxides, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The principle causes of pollution are exhaust pipes from motor vehicles, smoke released by factories and moreover, industrial plants burn coal and oil, which contain sulfur.

New inventions and processes have been continuously developed to improve our way of life; such developments are called technological advances. Technological advances are important for the betterment of our lives. Many environmental pollution problems are a result of the rapid advances in technology, which made their advent since the end of the Second World War. Technological advances in the agricultural field and transport have greatly improved our way of living. But most of the inventions were made without consideration of the effects that they would have on the environment. In the absence of modern technology it would be impossible for man to destroy all ecosystems.

The automobile engine is the evidence of a very useful technological development that harms the environment. Through years, Automobiles’ engines have been made more and more powerful. Many cars’ engines which are being built today are two or three times as powerful as the ancient ones. In order to make engines more powerful, more fuel is used for combustion and hence, new cars produce much more pollutants than the older ones did. In addition to that, industrialization has made man clear more forest so as to build more factories. Man has destroyed the forest so rapidly that it will never recover. With the destruction of the forest, many species of plants and animals are becoming extinct.

Every year the sea is getting more polluted. It contains more and more chemicals and more rubbish. Many people only worry about it when they want to swim or surf, they do not imagine what it must be like to live in it or depend on it for...
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