The Causes and Effects of Child Labour

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  • Published : October 20, 2008
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Conflicts and Uncertainties are the main tribulations that are faced, when tackling Resource management. Therefore, their effects, and how Resource Management with reference to Water and Fishery Resources, is filled with conflicts and uncertainties, are the issues that carve the outline of this paper’s thesis - “Resource Management is fraught with conflict and uncertainty.” Undeniably, Resource management has been, and is one of the greatest challenges that is faced today by humanity, which continues to largely menace the human ecology. Water allocation, which signifies the aim of deciding which supplier gets water and under what circumstances, is the most widespread technique governing water security (Mitchell, 2004). However in this, a strong Conflict of Interests occurs during allocation decisions. Such decisions are made, without a standard of normalized laws, among competing users for supplies. To solve this, a distinction must be made between water allocations that take place within sovereign jurisdictions and between sovereign jurisdictions. An illustration for this can be drawn from a situation in which two neighboring countries, share a river. (Mitchell, 2004: 174) Subsequently, from my personal perception, when contaminated water happens to be allocated to a particular supplier, conflicts arise based on inequity and individual interests. Hence, in order to prevent and reduce conflicts in recent years, international trade agreements such as, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) have become vital to several countries. (Mitchell, 2004: 175) Further, a scheme worth mentioning is that of the Remedial Action Plan (RAP), which was established in 1987 and the International Joint Commission (IJC) of 1909 (Mitchell, 2004: 183). The Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 (Mitchell, 2004: 176), which was mentioned in the lecture, is a worthy citation, when suggesting effective and flourishing water security schemes. Water withdrawal is another major cause of...
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