Causes and Effects of Domestic Child Labour

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Causes and Effects of Domestic Child Labour

Pakistan is a third world country which has a population of 187,342,721 (July 2011 est. Pakistan Demographics Profile 2012) out of which 22.3 % population is living below the poverty line (CIA fact sheet). In order to raise the house hold income poor people let their children to earn livelihood. In Pakistan child labour is usually accommodated in automobiles workshops, industries, hotels and houses. One of the major sectors which accommodate child labour is domestic sector. It has caused various alarming threats to the children. I will carry out my research to look at causes of domestic child labour and what are the effects on the children and the society in Abbottabad. Problem statement:

According to an ILO report about 264,000 children are found as domestic labour in Pakistan (ILO, 2004). As it is a major part of the Pakistan future labour force which is not meeting their basic needs mainly education, which is most important component for development. So there is a need to address this issue.


• To find out the causes of domestic child labour.
• To of determine the effects domestic child labour on children and society.

Research question:

• Identification of the root causes of domestic child labour. • Analyses of the current situation of domestic child labour. • Effects of child labour on life of children and on society.


If laws will be made to stop domestic child labour then development process can be enhanced by educating this labour force and afterwards using them for productive purposes.

Study design:

I have chosen cross sectional study design on following basis:

• Since I am a student and have limited resources to visit the field every now and then so I will carry out the cross sectional study.