Child as a Domestic Worker: a Bane for the Society

Topics: Employment, Victorian era, Human rights Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: January 18, 2013

Dr. Ved Pal Singh Deswal
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
M. D. University Rohtak-124001 (Haryana)
Email:, M.No: 09466901134

Children are known as the future of a nation. But these things are not there in real spirit. A child, who should be in the school, is in the house of someone for the sake of his livelihood, sometime for the family members also. In a welfare state that too in 21st century and in the era of right to education as a fundamental right, it is the duty of parents to send them to school, in place of leaving them in the house of someone. According to the Draft National Policy on Domestic Workers as recommended by the Taskforce on Domestic Workers provides a definition of a domestic worker as: “For the purpose of this policy, the “domestic worker” means, a person who is employed for remuneration whether in cash or kind, in any household through any agency or directly, either on a temporary or permanent, part time or full time basis to do the household work, but does not include any member of the family of an employer: Types of domestic workers, based on the hours of work and nature of employment relationship, the domestic workers can be: a) Part-time worker i.e. worker who works for one or more employers for a specified number of hours per day or performs specific tasks for each of the multiple employers every day. b) Full‐time worker i.e. worker who works for a single employer every day for a specified number of hours (normal full day work) and who returns back to her/his home every day after work. c) Live-in worker i.e. worker who works full time for a single employer and also stays on the premises of the employer or in a dwelling provided by the employer (which is close or next to the house of the employer) and does not return back to her/his home every day after work.” International Labour Organization (ILO) voted to adopt employment standards for domestic...
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