The Cause of Divorce

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Spouse Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: September 24, 2008
What is marriage? Marriage is when two individual choose to enter into a legal binding relationship. Married couples are able to maintain their relationship while other couples do not; that leads to divorce. Divorce is the legal dissolution of the marriage bond and there are many assumptions made about divorce, both shared and unshared. Some people believe that divorce is wrong, no matter what the situation while others believe it's a matter of what is best for any children born into the marriage. There are mainly three reasons why a husband and wife decide to divorce are adultery, lack of communication, and economic issues. In the past, divorce was a rare occurrence, since then it is commonplace. Adultery is the main cause of divorce in today’s society. Adultery may be physical or mental between individuals. There are many things that may be the catalyst for adultery within a marriage. A partner may neglect their spouse by not communicating, complementing each other, or they may not need a reason to commit adultery. Adultery may also be mentally, such as having phone sex or cheating through the World Wide Web. Since the creation of the internet there been an increase of partners cheating using their computers. When the other partner finds out about the adultery they may forgive or it could lead to divorce. Most people believe that when an adulterous affair is revealed than the non-cheating spouse needs to file for divorce, but that is not the case. More and more couples are deciding to work through the adultery with marital counseling and support from friends and family members, not only for themselves but for their children. The second cause of recently increasing divorce rates is the lack of communication between spouses. Communication failure amongst couples can lead to the break-down of the marriage. If and when a couple can’t seat down to talk about their problems it only makes things worst. Not talking about what’s wrongs or who’s at fault...
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