The Cause of Cyber Bullying and the Effect of the Mental Development of Teenagers

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The cause of cyber bullying and the effect of the mental development of teenagers Since Hong Kong is a city that well-developed in technology, Internet is indispensable to the people. But some people used internet to do the illegal behavior. According to the case of cyber bullying are increasing. It caused various aspects of public opinion. Government, parents and teenagers are concerning this problem.

Cyber bullying means that the minority insult the others thought the internet. Hunted or harassed the other side by using picture, photo or words. It is because the people always use nickname in the internet instead of using real name. Besides, the people leak their personal information. Therefore, bullies get a chance to make public the personal information of the victim. This made the occurrence of cyber bullying. One of the ways of cyber bullying called “Human Flesh Search Engines”. Refer to the news report from” Sing Tao Daily”, there are 1 man and 1 woman abused dog cruelly in a video. After the video is uploaded the internet, the internet users feel anger for their behavior. Few weeks later, that man and woman are found which country they lived, city, even address. This proves that the powers of the internet users are very strong. Recently in Hong Kong, a woman said that do not join her wedding party if her friends do not give $500 or above as a wedding gift on Facebook. After this state is uploaded, the internet users feel angry to this woman. Some of them abuse that woman. Her personal information is made public, under the harassment by the internet users. Finally, her boyfriend posts an article to apologize for her.

Apart from this, the other way is grafted the photo of the others, edited to Insulting photo. This is called “Editing Photo”. In 2007, Ho hoi lam, 14 years-old girl who gets 9A in HKCEE She is criticized that she is arrogant by the internet users. Then the internet users insulted her appearances and body with her photo in her blog....
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