Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suicide of Megan Meier Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Cyber bullying has become an epidemic in the last couple of years because the access to technology has become more widespread. There is a need for cyber bullying to be regulated and for the offenders to be punished, however, it has been hard for rules about cyber bullying to be enforced because of the problems involving civil liberties. A lot of people believe that it should not be allowed for others to see what is going on over the Internet between two people, but this is when people get hurt, especially vulnerable children. There are many differences and similarities in cyber bullying and traditional bullying, however, cyber bullying is far more problematic due to the fact that it is far more difficult to control, it is equally as hard to punish the offenders and the psychological damage is far more prevalent. Cyber bullying is very hard to control and regulate due not only to the fact that it is more anonymous, but there is also a fine line of whether or not the person doing the bullying can be punished. Cyber bullying has become a significant problem over the past couple of years and schools are having a hard time deciding when a child can be punished for what was said electronically and not on school grounds. “Judicial rulings are evolving quickly, Hutton says, and state laws can create confusion among school districts as to the scope of their power to control online bullying” (Billitteri, 390). There is some confusion as to where a teacher or supervisor can step in to help the victims of cyber bullying. There are laws that have gone into effect in some states due to suicides that have happened in these places. The problem with that is that the problem has already become so bad that kids are killing themselves over this trauma. Cyber bullying differs from traditional bullying in that it is harder punish the bullies from bullying online because of all these new laws. Traditional bullying is easy to put to a halt because teachers or parents can actually see...
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