The Case Meat Agains Mcdonald's

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What are the strengths, limitations and challenges of ethical and socially responsible business practice? The Essay:
Corporate Social Responsibility ( SCR) is a gathering of norms and rules following which a company should act and perform its business activities in a respectful way not only for a corporation’s bottom line but also for its shareholders ( employees, customers, communities) Principle responsibility of each company it’s to acknowledge and target every weak point within the business process which can be detrimental to these measures. A responsible company should be able to pinpoint those areas where there is a lack of such regulations and making the necessary remedies. Regarding social responsible business Richard Welford argues that the ultimate aim of a company it is acting in a way that is being respectful of the concept of sustainable development in a globalised world with many new environmental challenges which need to be addressed. In this century in particular we are facing a range of issues linked to the environment - greenhouse issues, deforestation and the increase of global warming. Even if all this issues are, especially in this period, being acknowledged and addressed, still a lot of companies continue to carry their business activities ignoring the problem.

The excessive consumption of meat have an enormous impact on the environment linked with pollution and resources and this essay wants to demonstrate how lowering the industry meat should be priority of any company keen to respect principals of SCR . The Journalist Thomas Donaldson (1982)argues that with the fortifying of a company come along not only bigger profits but also widen social as well as ethical issues that inevitably arise with and that must be inevitably addressed in order to maintain a good image of the company itself. The damages produced by our meat-bases diet are enormous, and effect Environment, Global Hunger, Animals and Human Health.

McDonald’s is probably the biggest and more popular between all fast foods. In his latest Annual Report McDonald’s in 2010 had an income calculated in billions of 7.5 dollars and its economic success and income is expected to increase even more. As Eric Schlosser(year) documents, McDonald’s is the first selling and buying company in the world for beef and pork and the second one for chicken. Despites the difficult economic situation in which the world market seems drowning in this period, the fast food company managed to produce figures even more elevated than the previous years and it’s calculated that McDonald’s at the moment operates 30,000 restaurants in 118 countries, including many in developing nations and opens almost thousand new ones each year. All its profitable empire it is based of course on selling meet, presented in “fancy packages” and with attractive names and shapes creating a perfect marketing product which has the great consensus and success that we can see every day everywhere.

Looking at the Menu the multi-international companies proposes only 2 SALADS actually don’t have any meat ingredient, the rest all the proposals are only about beef, chicken and fish. No vegetable meals exist.

But the strengths into a meat-free approach are strictly linked to what the threats to human’s health and environment are.

The journalist Motovalli (year) ,taking in examination statistical data from the Environmental Protection Agency reports , documents that environmental costs generated by farms on animal waste are more than all other industrial sources combined. Meat production has also been connected to erosion of once –productive farmland and the destruction of rainforests Almost a third of materials and fossils fuel consumed are used in animal production, in particular beef alone uses more water than an entire nation would use for growing its entire fruit and vegetable crops. Job Robbins(year) estimates that in California, USA, more water would saved if...
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