The Case Against Tipping

Topics: Mobile phone, The Tip, The Bill Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Tipping Experiences Tips are generally a small amount of money given to a person as gratitude for a service that has been provided. There are many times throughout our everyday lives in which we are put in a position to leave a gratuity. Whether it be dining at a restaurant, getting your hair cut at the salon, or having a few drinks with friends at a bar. In each case there was a service provided to you, now you have a decision to make, how much of a tip is considered acceptable and should you tip everyone that provides a service to you? There are many guidelines for consumers to follow. With modern technology there are convenient tip calculators available as features on most new cellular phones. When deciding on the tip amount the service is one of the major determining factors along with whether or not you plan on visiting the establishment again, and how the tip will play a role in your further dealings with said business. Michael Lewis explores a few interesting reasons why tipping is getting out of hand in a recent essay. I strongly agree with many points and examples he provides. One of the most common reasons for tipping is out of guilt more than gratitude. According to tipping guidelines you should leave at least 15 percent of the bill as a tip at a restaurant. However, many times people leave more than the acceptable minimum when they know that the servers use this money at the ends of the month.
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