The Business of Balloon

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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The business of balloons
A typical balloon seller on the street may not grab your attention but the product he sells has more than just air. Balloons are used for decoration, in advertisements and for adventure sports, and this has led to a booming business of this product that was once only for children. The Business

There are multiple types of balloons available in the market for different purposes. Celebration balloons, toy and novelty balloons, decoration balloons, and advertisement balloons are some of the categories in which manufacturers enlist them. Naresh Kumar, a decorator and party supplier in Gurgaon, says traditional balloons made in India perform poorly for long-term use. The balloons that he uses for decoration are imported from Malaysia. When a shopping mall or some shopkeepers asks him for decoration, he guarantees the time for which those balloons would work. If some of the balloons get deflated, he has to provide their replacement. Balloons are used for decoration at weddings, showrooms, shopping malls, road shows, festivals, discotheques, parties, product launches and corporate events. Water balloons are a favorite among children. They are thin and small rubber balloons, filled with water. These balloons are intended to be easily broken and extensively used on Holi—the festival of colors. Fahim Maniar of Raj Trading in Mumbai says he manufactures balloons of 4, 6, 8 and 12 ft diameter. Bigger balloons can be made on order. These balloons are filled with helium or hydrogen gas to make them go high up in the sky. He says advertisement through balloons is becoming popular and also comes cheap. He says that an advertisement balloon put up in the marketplace of a big city like Delhi or Mumbai would ensure that 100,000 people notice the brand name in a day. This could go up to one million views per day. Giant-size sky balloons for outdoor advertising, publicity and public awareness campaigns, sky blimps for maximum visibility, life-size portable...
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