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Corrin Floyd
Art 100w
Comparison essay

Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” and Banksy “Pink Guard Dog”

Jeff Koons is famous for taking kitschy ideas such as balloon animals which makes him extremely controversial because viewers either love or hate him. He is known for turning his ideas into giant works of art and also for making millions of dollars when selling these pieces. The “Balloon Dog” sculpture of a balloon puppy is not made of the typical balloon; instead it is made out a chrome metal painted a reddish pink. The mirrorized finish only adds to the piece because not only do you see a ten foot tall dog, you see yourself (the consumer) in the reflection. The sculpture was made in different colors and placed in different locations such as an exhibition in the Chateau de Versailles.

Banksy is another controversial artist, his true identity is not known and he would like to keep it that way. Being a graffiti artist is very risky job to have because it is actually illegal and scene as destroying public property. He likes to interpret famous artworks in his own way using his own style. Here he spray painted a stencil of a security guard or police man holding a muzzled balloon dog on a leash. In another view of this graffiti piece you can see a sign that says “Warning Guard on Duty”. The size of the piece is unknown but typically Banksy tries to make everything lifesize or a little larger.

Both of the pieces include a dog, but they are in two different forms. One as a metal sculpture and one as a two-dimensional spray painting on a wall. Typically Banksy’s intention is to stir up some questions and sometimes take a low-blow at other artists. This piece could possibly be seen as a jab at Koons because he once said is that “Abstraction and luxury are the guard dogs of the upper class.” So is the guard dog a representation of Koons? I find it quite interesting that Banksy’s graffiti piece is on the building directly across from the Los Angeles County Museum of...
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