The Bully

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The Bully
1: The meeting between Roger and Tony in the restaurant was kind of awkward, because Roger has not recognized Tony, and I think the reason to that was, because Roger tried to block his miserable memories from his childhood. When all of suddenly it all came back to Roger like a flash of lighting, he mumbled “Tony the bull”, and then he remembered all of the bullies of his seventh grade geography, and how many times he made fun of his big ears in front of the girls in the class. How many times this son of gun (as he described him) had laughed at him because he had no parents and had to live in orphanage. How many times this big bully slammed him up against the lockers in the hallway just to make Tony himself look like a big man to all the other students. Roger could not believe that the big burley guy he remembered back in 1957, now looks so thin and so friendly. Obviously after high school Tony married a lovely wife, who was very helpful and loved him unconditionally, somehow Tony got on to an accident and was now on wheelchair. I personally think that Roger is a good person, with a heart of gold, because even though Tony had bulled him back then, he did not reach to his level, he did not think of revenge,but he actually felt sorry for Tony and gave him his card with his number written on it, and told him to call him some time for a launch. He actually saw Tony as the only friend from his high school days.

A letter to Roger
Dear Roger
I don’t know what to say or where to start, but I would like to say, that am sorry for what I did to you back in high school, words cannot describe how sorry I feel right now, and you may not believe me, but I am. I was just a kid back then and did not know better, but that’s not an excuse to act the way I did. Seeing you the other day at the restaurant made me think back in high school and what an ass whole I was back then. I don’t know if I can explain why I did what I did, but if I could go back in time and...
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