Rumble Fish, Novel by S. E. Hinton: Discussing The Main Character, Rusty James

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  • Published : December 11, 2005
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I started out kind of confused. Rusty-James, the main character is talking to, I guess, an old friend. I don't understand why he's acting like he doesn't want to talk to him. I'm going to guess that something happened in his past, involving Steve and he's trying not to remember it. He could be a little bit nicer. Rusty-James seems real tough, like he's been through a lot. The second chapter starts and it flashes back when he was a kid. First thing that happens is he's threatened to be killed. What surprised me is that this boy acts like its nothing. Id get all my friends to back me up and id still pee my pants. Id be like Steve, the wuss, trying to talk through it instead of fight. Rusty seems smart, he just wants to be cool and have people scared of him. They start talking about this guy nicknamed motorcycle boy. He's supposedly "the stuff," everyone thought he was cool but was terrified of him at the same time. I guess that's how Rusty wanted to be. I've never understood the whole ego thing, how you feel about yourself depends on everyone else, but whatever, not the point. So this "legend" is gone, and Rusty wants to take his place. Rusty and Steve seem like complete opposites, but that might be why they click so well.

Surprise, surprise, Rusty has a girlfriend. He doesn't seem like the type to commit to one person. He seems like a flirt, like a show- offy type. A kind of guy a girl would want to have fun with, not date. She reminds me of myself when im dating someone. Jealous, accusing, and nosey. She probably has a reason to be though. They seem like they care about each other, though. Just like her I wouldn't like him fighting. Its kind of wrong how he leaves her so quickly to fight after he hadn't seen her in so long. He's acting like he's about to go play a game of football, rather that fight. He's so excited, id be trying to find a way out of it. The guy he's supposed to be fighting is high on something and is bugging out. Oh my...
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