The Breakfast Club

Topics: The Breakfast Club, Interpersonal attraction, Sociology Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Roya Sanders
GE 347
The Breakfast Club Critique: Group Formation
Forming is the anxiety and uncertainty about belonging to a group. As the group forms and matures, natural leaders will emerge. Members in these roles will change several times during the forming phase of group development. In the beginning of the movie, all five students arrive at the school on a Saturday morning for detention. The bully- bender, is the first to start talking and cause trouble.

Storming is when competition, individuality, and conflict emerge as group members try to satisfy their individual needs. Some group behaviors and attitudes that arise during this phase are negativity, dissatisfaction, hostility, crisis mode, and adjustment anxiety. The girl dressed in black that starts out not talking, continuously chews her thumbnails, the geek is talking to himself and admits that he is in different academic clubs, the bully is singing and pretends to pee on the floor, the red headed girl and the jock become annoyed with the bully’s attitude.

Norming is attempting to resolve conflicts. The group works together, there is more acceptance of diversity in the group, reconciliation and a show of affection. The bully messes with the door so that it cannot stay open. When the teacher comes in to find out what is going on, all of the students work together to make sure that the teacher doesn’t find out who messed with the door. When the bully says he is going to leave, they all end up going with him. Then they work together as a group to figure out a fast way to get back to the library before the teacher returns.

Performing is the fourth and last stage of growth development. In this stage, cooperation and productive work are the seal to this stage. The group starts to utilize newly found norms or trust, and can begin focusing on the service to be done. There is teamwork, leadership, and performance shown in this stage. The five students all smoke weed together, they are...
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