The Bomb

Topics: Christmas worldwide, English-language films, Ball Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 11, 2013
My Winter Vacation

My winter break was really exciting, and I did a lot of the things that I wanted to do. On the first weekend of our break I stayed at home, my parents got sick so we couldn't go anywhere. After about 3 days they finally got better, that was when the fun actually began. The next day, I went to my Grandma's house in the U.S, we arrived on Christmas Eve, right when I stepped out of the car I ran straight to the front door. After waiting by the door for 2 minutes, she finally let us in. It was Christmas Eve, my dad was there, so I thought I could challenge him to a match of pool. We went downstairs and set up the pool balls. It was my break, what do I have to say I always scratch when I break, this time I actually got a few balls in and If I can remember the 15 ball of stripes and the 5 ball of spots. It was a pretty intense match, in the end I lost badly. Actually I only lost by the 8 ball. After the match we went upstairs shocked to see that it was midnight. My dad told me to go brush my teeth and hop into bed. I rushed as fast as I could because I knew the next day I would get PRESENTS. When I woke up it was Christmas, I got a lot of stuff that I wanted. Cash was to the top of my list this Christmas because I need money so that I can buy my own xbox 360. I then opened more presents and ate with the rest of my family. I came back to Maple Ridge that evening so I could spend time with my friends. I ended up only staying here until Thursday night at which time I went back to the U.S. On Friday morning I was so excited, my mom said that she would take me to get an xbox 360, she finally suckered up and said that she would pay for half of it. I got really excited, I was pleading to my mom, asking her to hurry up so we could leave. We finally left, I arrived at GameStop and purchased it, my wish came true. On the second weekend of our break my grandma came over, it was her birthday the next day but also the New Years. We all...
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