Atomic Bomb

Topics: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Cold War Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: January 15, 2013
As a citizen from the U.S.A., I believe that we should not drop the bomb in Japan.The use of the bomb without warning is contrary to the position of the United States as a great humanitarian nation, especially since Japan seems close to surrender.More than 60 of its cities have been destroyed by conventional bombing, the home islands are being blockaded by the American Navy, and the Soviet Union entered the war by attacking Japanese troops in Manchuria. Even general Dwight Eisenhower said that the Japanese are soon to be surrender. A surprise use of the bomb would damage the respect that we have built up in the world community. It is morally wrong and will set a bad precedent in the future. Because such a weapon could lead to a proliferation of similar weapons that would threaten future generations. To use it now would be an international crime.The whole world will just become a nuclear world. We just ended a war with the most infamous Germans to fight for what we believed . If we drop the bomb, isn't it against our beliefs? Remember how France and Britain made the unfair treaty with Germans? A treaty that they believed would end all wars. However as history shows us , this is certainly not true because years later, the Germans rose again and this time brought a bigger war than the previous Great War. This is will certainly alarm us, because what if the Japanese follow in German footsteps and make a bigger war in the future? Not only that, but by dropping the bomb it also means that we see the Japanese as savages instead of humans. The Japanese are already defeated and ready to surrender. If the U.S.A. becomes the first to use this weapon, then we will have adopted the ethical standard of barbarians. Atomic weapons are similar to poison gas – both are barbaric.The U.S.A. should not shock the world with such a weapon.

What we have to understand is that current bombing campaign against Japan has brought the country just about to its knees. The atomic bomb...
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