The Blue Boy

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The Blue Boy


In Gary Stephen Ross’ excerpt, “The Blue Boy,” he describes Vancouver through the eyes of the main character. The character recounts a story of his travels that he would take with his father and brother from Toronto to Vancouver. The character highlights the ongoing transformation of the city and describes how it has evolved over time. In the beginning of the excerpt, he describes what he saw Vancouver to be in the 60s: a small city with little to offer. Contrastingly, later on he begins to extract the goodness and luxuries that the maturing city has to offer. The author attempts to compare the maturing city to a beautiful, young female.


The author describes the lengthily evolution of Vancouver through the travels of a boy while comparing it to a maturing woman. The boy recounts his visits to Vancouver and how as he matured so did the city. At a young age, he illustrates the city to be very dreary and dull. He uses adjectives and adverbs such as: stern, cheaply reproduced, oddly, etc. However, over time he begins to see what the city has become and all the great things that it has to offer. For example, the high end architecture that has evolved. The city is then described with a more lively vocabulary. The author also uses a woman to represent the city. Her attractiveness pulls people in however, only to realize that she has not fully evolved and still has so much more to offer in her lifetime.

How did your thinking process differ from when you were writing the summary paragraph compared to when you were writing the analysis paragraph? How did you think differently in order to add analysis?

My thinking process differed greatly when writing the summary paragraph compared to when writing the analysis paragraph. For the summary paragraph, I took the main points of the excerpt and wrote them in my own words. However, when writing my analysis I had to think of the main messages that the author...
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