The Birthday Party

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The Birthday Party
I was finally turning thirteen years old and had an upcoming birthday party. I didn’t get very many presents and not very many people came. I didn’t get many presents because most of the people who came only gave me money and cards. I got one hundred dollars from my mother and with it I bought a Ripstik Caster Board and a Pandigital Novel 7” Android Tablet. Ever since I bought the Ripstik, I’ve ridden it every single day for P.E. I can do stunts with it like a front spin. You kick up the front of the board and spin the front wheel. You can do the same with the back and I call that a back spin. The reason why I bought the tablet was so if I don’t have access to my computers or I forget my iPods on the way to the store, I can still use internet or play my games. Its market price is about $200 but I got it for $50 from As soon as it came, I opened it up and it was cracked at the upper-right corner of the screen. I was devastated. I bought a new one in pretty good condition. No cracks, light scratches. I found another tablet and we ordered it. It was a black MID Google tablet 7” and I read many reviews. I am so excited about getting it. It is one of the most basic tablets that Google has made. So my Birthday Party well really well since I’m getting what I wanted. I just wish I could find the $20 I lost. For my birthday I got some money, two tablets, and Ripstik. It turned out better than expected and it was a very nice birthday party just the way it was.
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