The Betrothed

Topics: Alessandro Manzoni, Milan, The Betrothed Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The Betrothed is an Italian historical novel during the 17th century. The story is about Renzo and Lucia, two lovers, which were prevented to getting married by the tyrant Don Rodrigo. They are then forced to separate and meet many people that help them get reunited. Manzoni presents many facts of life and culture that was going on in Milan while it was under Spanish rule. There is more than the peasants and tyrants, this novel also has friars, nun, churchmen, and city officials; all types of people that would be during that time.

Lorenzo is a young peasant whose wedding is prevented by Don Rodrigo. Renzo is generous, good-hearted, and abrupt. He is separated from Lucia so they can be safe. She goes to Monza and he goes to Milan. Renzo never makes it to the safe haven but instead gets into some trouble in the city, causes a riot, gets arrested, and then flees the city with a price on his head. He locates some family members in Venice but has to flee again and finally settles in a different town but with a different name. He is still in contact with Lucia by letters they send to each other; after a while he returns to Milan and contracts the disease, once he is well he continues his search for Lucia. He finds her at a pesthouse because she also has contracted the plague but after her recovery they go back to their old town and finally get married by Don Abbondio. Renzo is determined to find the love of his life and went through hell and back to finally reach her.

Father Cristoforo was a small, wealthy aristocrat before he joined the monastery. His background story is that one day he got in duel with another aristocrat because he did not give him the right of way. Father Cristoforo got provoked and killed the man. After that he was so distressed for killing a man for no reason that he asked the man’s family for forgiveness and decided to become a monk. He believes his life has a purpose to help people. Father Cristoforo was like the father figure to Renzo and...
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