Essay on Film, "A Bronx Tale"

Topics: Robert De Niro, English-language films, African American Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Amy Lau
Expository Essay – “A Bronx Tale”

Topic: “The choices that you make will shape your life forever”

The film, set in New York City, in the 1960s, A Bronx Tale, Lorenzo (played by Robert De Niro) has a son, Calogero, whom we see throughout the film as one who made numerous decisions throughout his life, which shaped his future.

One of those things was what Calogero did in the early stages of the film. At nine years old, he sat on the steps as he witnessed Sonny, a gangster, out of defense for a friend, shoot and kill someone seemingly competing with someone else over a parking spot. When Calogero was requested by NYPD detectives to identify the murderer by facial recognition, he kept quiet about the truth. As a result, Sonny welcomed him into his inner group of followers and compelled everyone he knew to please Calogero. Sonny’s men also offered Lorenzo a job to make a lot more money than he already does, but Lorenzo, preferring a law-abiding life, declined the offer. Lorenzo hated Sonny’s influence on his son (“You don’t understand: It’s not what you say, it’s what he sees, the clothes, the cars, the money, it’s everything. He tried to throw away his baseball cards because he said Mickey Mantle will never pay the rent”). When Lorenzo found out about the money that Calogero has gained from working for Sonny, he took his son’s money and returned them to Sonny at the bar and warns him to keep away from his son, which Sonny responded to Lorenzo, “I treat him like he’s my son” The turns of events that were caused by Calogero refusing to rat on Sonny in the beginning seemed to have a lasting effect.

Eight years later, Calogero became close friends with Sonny and continued to regularly visit him without his father’s knowledge. He also remained part of a gang of local Italian boys he grew up with, which Sonny advised against. He then meets Jane Williams, an African American girl and the two arranged a date despite severe tension between the Blacks and...
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