The Best Things in Life Are Free

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Most people do not know what are the best for themselves in this life, so that is, they are striving to achieve things by spending millions of dollars considering that these are the best. However I agree with this cliché that the best things in life are free. We have numerous valuable advantages at our hands without our awareness such as our parents’ love, our health and our indispensable talents.

First and foremost, our parents love us the most, so we cannot substitute it with anything. Their inexhaustible love keeps us motivated in further life. We feel loved and cared for at home and can share our problems with them any time. There is not such a great pleasure in the world except this. We have two guides such as mother and father in every period of our lives from childhood through adulthood who take our hand and point out straightforward way to us. This unforgettable love and patient constancy by them towards us is free.

Secondly, our health is another great advantage in our hand that can always enable us to enjoy our life. If we are healthy then we can run, dance, work, see, hear and so forth. But if one of our organs is hurt or damaged we would not bask in life, we would be disappointed in spite of all the wealth that we have. Our organs fulfill their responsibilities such a great enthusiasm that we can breath, walk and speak. We have taken for granted these mighty opportunities for free from God in order to enjoy life. Their importance is immense in spite of being free for us.

Finally, we have distinctive talents each one of us. These talents can be seen in art as well as in science. One has an amazing voice in order to sing, one can draw special paintings and others can be very successful in science like Einstein, Newton and so on. Additionally, Beethoven can also be an instructive sample to this, in spite of being deaf he gained unmatched success only inasmuch as his sublime distinction. So, it is clear tat these abilities are given to us for...
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