The Best Is Yet to Come

Topics: English-language films, Youth, Life Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The best is yet to come
I believe all the sadness in this world is because life is telling us there’s always something brighter around the corner. All the tears that dry us out, are preparing us for the smiles that are yet to happen. We should never be afraid of the bad things that happen to us! Otherwise, life would really spoil us. Besides, when you think of all the good things that can happen, even for a short time, you think: “It’s worth it!” At the moment, I’m in a period of my life where I’m preparing for the challenges in the future. Finishing high school is a part of young people’s lives and a time when everything looks so simple yet so hard. The beating of our young hearts that’s dancing to the newest melodies makes us feel like the world is ours! And I wonder if we have a great time right here, right now, what does the mysterious future bring? I’ve always thought future brings us happiness, and I still stand for that idea. When we finish this chapter of our lives, leaving the careless high school days behind, we should be prepared for something more. Something fresh, something better, yet something harder. Making a decision like what profession should I choose, is not a simple thing for any young person. What you decide is what your life will be in the future. High school prepared us for a big time in our lives, and being nostalgic about it won’t make your life easier. We should always be open for the possibilities that future holds, for the ups and downs, for the tears and the laughs, for better or worse days. But, when a bad day comes, you know there’s always a good day that will draw happiness all over you, and a better day that will make you love every living thing on this wonderful planet. Future is a tricky mistress, so you never know what will bring. Because, when you’re young you think you know everything, you think you’ve seen and lived everything, but, just like Frank Sinatra says: “You think you’ve flown before, but you ain’t left the...
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