The Best Gift I Have Ever Received

Topics: Marriage, Channing Tatum, Film director Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Critical analysis
The title of the movie is “THE VOW”. The director of this movie is Michael Sucsy. He was born on February 14, 1973). He is an Emmy winning film director, screen writer and producer. He was raised in New York and New England and graduated from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. In this movie, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are the actress and actor. The genre of this movie is romance and drama. I am choosing this movie. Because of two facts, one is – it is a real story and has some good strategies like kindness, patient and persistence. So, I have a decision to choose this one.

There are a girl, Paige and a boy, Leo. The girl is rich but the boy is poor. Once, they meet each other and interesting on each. So, they become lovers. And then they cannot loss each other so they married. They build a warm family. Unfortunately, the occurrence of an accident. The girl is lost all the memories. She forgets about her husband and their marriage. But the boy woos her and attempts to win her heart again. He try to build their feelings. But, the girl forgets it all. She forgets all her friends and her husband. But the boy is not give up. He tries to make it good. Although the girl is not remember all the things. But, she knows that the boy is really love and look after her. So, she is hurt and then heartbeats on him. She is very sorry for her faults. So, they are arrived the first point. They are also become romantic and love each other deeply. After many twists and turns, but still get what they need.

In this movie, I like Leo (Channing Tatum) more. He has more strategies. He can make all for his woman. He can do a lot of efforts. He is very masculinity. He is very patient. He can do all things basically. And then, he is very smart. He can give a good life for his wife. He can make his wife happy. He can find out the problem of each other. He can understand others. He will not complaining. He also has attractive. Just one, he can get to the love of...
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