Made Up Myth Character

Topics: Self-esteem, Friendship, Choice Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: January 24, 2013

Strength: Sharp teeth, muscular body, strong, good eyesight, excellent sense of smell, and giant feet.

Weaknesses: Low self esteem, ability to get influenced, unattractive, not social, and obese.

Sizzina, a transformed monster, was once a normal human being like all of us. The halls in the school were filled with praises about Sizzina. She had sharp features, beautiful eyes, blonde curly hair, an amazing skinny figure. She was the girl everyone wanted to know and to socialize with. However, the admiration got to her head. Sizzina was now conceited. Students, friends, and teachers were treated like servants. They did her homework, followed her around everywhere, took orders from her, and also did her chores. They didn't have status or value in the eyes of Sizzina. The halls that were once filled with praises and commandments were now turned into hearts filled with hatred. The god of beauty, Sonia, noticing all the injustice occurring to other students made a ever changing decision. Sizzina had to learn her lesson! Sonia decided to turn Sizzina into an unattractive monster. A monster that would not receive any appreciation. Sooner nor later, her high self esteem turned into an ocean filled with tears. Sizzina, could not handle the embarrassment which led to the encounter of "weird" friends.

One day, Sonia noticed the drastic changes occurring in Sizzina. Sizzina was now more aware of true friendship that she had never known before. Also, she became so close to her friends that she couldn't imagine her life without them. They gossiped, chatted, shopped, ate food, and did all their daily activities together. She was no longer lonely. She appreciated her friends more than her family. Material items did not have any value for her anymore. Love and friendship was the only thing that had a position an space for in her life and heart. However, she didn't know that one day she would have a difficult decision between her old beautiful self life or...
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