The Benefits of Development in Science and Technology Are Widespread but the Same Cannot Be Said About Religion.

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  • Published : July 19, 2012
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Essay topic:
The benefits of development in Science and Technology are widespread but the same cannot be said about Religion.

Science and technology has undoubtedly made life to live in a smarter and convinient way like a dream come true by ending the hardships and miseries in the past.There is more to exploit in scope on the basis of earlier inventions and discoveries.Religion on the other hand has made humans more civilized in life than during medival days.However, the potential of religion supposed to have been realized has not been fully achieved in true sense. Religious teachings are meant to make people more humane and sensitive to life.It tends to elevate the humans in spiritual sense which means a man has the potential in himself to rise above his circumstances.Also he is not a victim of circumstances.Religion tends to make men morally strong.

The great scientists in the past did a yeoman's service even by suffering hardships and sacrifices.In return they never asked the world to remember them but to concentrate on benefitting from their findings.As such their findings had practical values for successive generations which people now realize as beneficial like using devices and ideas as improved versions of the inventions and discoveries by scientists.

The great Saints and harbingers of peace,love,goodness and wishing prosperity for the world left the world with hope that with practising noble ideas enshrined in the great Scriptures will make the world a paradise to live for humans.They themselves by all practical means spread the message of goodness and God in the world by untiring efforts and endless sacrifices hoping the mankind would be lifted out of darkness of ignorance and lead a life of peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately,their place was taken up by the middle men though with the role of continuing the efforts to uplift humanity.Deviating from the original purpose,these middle men kept the world in blissful ignorance by making common...
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