The Benefits in Reasoning Aptitude Testing

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The Benefits in Reasoning Aptitude Testing
Tracy Flint
January 28, 2013
Dr. Phil Harris, DBA

The Benefits in Reasoning Aptitude Testing
When planning and choosing a career it helps to know the many benefits reasoning aptitude testing offers. Taking reasoning aptitude tests not only helps determine primary thinking styles, but it also helps in understanding how arguments influence thoughts and persuasive communication. People whose test results reveals strong work ethics and values, organizational, and leadership skills often find success in jobs and careers that applies practical skills and were thinking mostly involves solving problems. The focused person also experience opportunities in the workplace that includes adapting to change, logical thinking, writing, and applying expertise.

Primary thinking style is also a determining factor in career planning. The way the brain process information, organize thoughts, solve problems, and makes its decisions determines thinking style. Right brained people think in concrete and intuitive ways whereas, left brained people think in general or abstract concepts.

According to Albrecht (2003) there are four basic models of thinking styles that include red earth, blue earth, red sky, blue sky. The four Mindex pattern consists of a profile measurement that helps determines a red earth, blue sky thinker or a red sky, blue earth thinker. The most common of the pattern are Red Earth thinkers. Red Earth thinkers are people-oriented, intuitive, and inclined toward direct experience. He or she makes decisions based on impressions rather than facts or figures. The red earth thinker work in occupations like teaching, sales, or nursing. The red sky thinker also focuses on the big picture and is more concern about what than the how. In the category of thought processing red thinkers are generalists and adapt many career choices and specialization skills. Red thinkers...
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