The Beggar Experience

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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When I first heard about this experiment, I was so psyched out and excited because I love the idea of singing in public because I really desire to be seen on television singing and acting. But this “beggar-asking-for-alms” thing, that’s a real shocker because I always see children hopping into jeeps and would sing for some coins and some spending all day around the park asking for alms. A year ago, when I met Jesus, I saw how greatly blessed I am to have a family, shelter, food and money to buy anything I want especially my favorite, coffee. One day, a ‘Badjao’ hopped into where I was riding, and she gave away letter envelopes asking for some help. I didn’t pay attention to that but a voice came into me about their situation saying, “They don’t like it either.” and that caught me. I gave some money and I felt so compassioned about them because I am so blessed and yet I will do nothing? It really caught me. From that day on, I really felt God’s provision not only for me but for me to give to the needy. I never thought I would come up one day dressed somewhat like a beggar. The experience was really tough even though I didn’t wear too much grease as make-up. People were staring at me with their eyes ready to pierce me. When I approached a bunch people, some refused to give in a nice way, some passengers I asked for were so snobbish and harsh that their eyes were killing me! It was really tough especially I almost got beaten up by someone I asked for a ‘piso’. That was hilariously deadly! At first, I was laughing and laughing because I couldn’t get myself on their feet but when I took it seriously, I was really asking God why I was getting that so hard. I’m not that harsh on unfortunate people. Why do I need to go through that? It was really hard for me to ask for money from strangers or even talk to one because I’m afraid I’ll get hit surprisingly which I almost got killed 9 months ago. I don’t talk to strangers. I really don’t. So that...
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