The Basic Properties of Wear Resistant Materials

Topics: Steel, Iron, Austenite Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Metal wear-resistant materials and high-manganese steel seriesA strong impact load or contact stress, high manganese steel, the surface rapidly hardening, the hardness can be increased from HBS200 sharply to 400 550, resulting in high wear of the surface, have an excellent core austenitic toughness, and retains the original mechanical properties. Hardened layer, the wear layer, subsurface hardening until the wear and tear to the failure state. Surface by the impact of the heavier, surface hardening of the more full, better wear resistance, surface resistance to impact, the surface can not be fully hardened, wear resistance is unable to play, while showing a wear situation. Anti-wear of high chromium cast iron seriesOrganizational structure and use conditions, the chromium cast iron can be divided into three categories: 1) with good high temperature properties of chromium white cast iron.This cast iron chromium content of 33% of their organizations, most of the austenite andiron chromium carbide, sometimes ferrite. This alloy in addition to a certain degree of wear resistance in high temperature operating conditions the temperature not higher than1050 ° C, with good oxidation resistance. 2) with good wear resistance of chromium white cast iron (referred to as the high chromium cast iron). In addition to this cast iron containing 12% to 20% chromium, it also contains the right amount of molybdenum. When the matrix all of martensite, the wear resistance of this alloy is best. If the retained austenite matrix, usually heat treatment. 3) low chromium alloy white cast iron. Compared with ordinary white cast iron, cast iron carbide in better stability. The wear mechanisms can be divided into abrasive wear, impact wear, sliding wear, contact fatigue wear, fretting wear, erosive wear, adhesive wear and abrasive wear, including abrasive wear accounted for more than 50% of all wear and tear caused by loss, most of the cement industry to abrasive wear as the main wear...
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