Fredrick Douglas

Topics: Sherman Alexie, Ben Daniels, Slavery in the United States Pages: 5 (1885 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Iron Will is the Key to a Better Life
What is the key to being successful? How can we succeed? When people talk about the way to succeed, they may emphasize that innovation and action are the conclusive factors. However, ignoring the importance of iron will makes people miss the success time after time. The indispensable factor is an iron will, which is also can be called the key to success. Iron will is different from ordinary will. “Iron” is the main point of this word. It emphasizes the will is firm and lasting, which are the characters of iron. No matter who they are, the people who have an iron will have a higher possibility of being successful than the people who do not have it. The possibility of being successful depends on the will that people have, which concerns the importance of the purpose. A firm and unshakable will sometimes is created by a vital purpose, like saving one’s own life. Sherman Alexie writes about how tough learning to read is because he is a Native American in “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and me”. He tried to use knowledge to keep himself from seeing as an “idiot” in others’ mind. He said, “I love those books, but I also knew that love had only one purpose. I was trying to save my life” (Alexie 18). He is a Native American which means his skills of reading, learning knowledge, and ability of judging the world will be in questioned and buried. However, Sherman knew that reading and gaining knowledge could save him from falling behind. He was unwilling to live an ignorant life and arrogant. Not only Alexie had the iron will when he tried to learn, Frederick Douglass’s “Learning Read and Write” also describes the hardness of learning. Learning the basic reading and writing skills was an extremely tough thing when he was a slave, although he got through it. He says, “This bread I used to bestow the hungry little urchins, who, in return, would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge” (Douglass 130). He used to use bread to exchange knowledge from the starving people. It means the bread and the knowledge that he got has the same value. For the people who help Douglass for the bread, the bread is the thing that they count on for living, so is the knowledge. For Douglass, the knowledge is the thing that Douglass counted on for living. He needed knowledge to help himself survive, and run away from slavery. In this situation, Douglass got through the difficulties, learned the writing and reading skills that everyone else knew and got rid of the slavery identity, because of the iron will that he had. The stories of Alexie and Douglass express the more importance of the purpose is the stronger will people will have, and the stronger will they have, the higher possibility of being successful can be.

The iron will is an important motivation of taking the action, which is the most important part of being successful. Once people have a strong will, they will be more willing to take the action, instead of keeping themselves in the process of thinking about the idea without practicing. Thus, the first step of being successful which is also called taking the action is easily taken by a person who has the strong aspiration. Comparing with the person who has a strong will, a person who has a lack of firmness is easier to fall at the beginning. As the motivation of taking the action, iron will is extremely important for a person who wants to lead his/her life to a desirable way that he/she wants. For example, one of my friends was dissatisfied with the education in his high school. He thought this kind of education would ruin his interests and abilities. It meant his life and career may be affected or even controlled by education in his school, so he wanted to get rid of this kind of education. Thus, he had a strong will that pushes him to change his life to a condition which allows him to learn what he wants. With this iron will, he quit the high school, which...
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