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Topics: Louis Sachar, Holes, Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Holes Speech
Good morning year 8. Today I am going to talk to you about the novel holes. When people hear of a book called “Holes", they may think of some boring story of digging a hole. However this book is anything but a boring story. In the novel Holes, by Louis Sachar, it tells the story of a young teenage aged boy named Stanley Yelnats who is wrongly accused of stealing Clyde Livingston’s shoes and sent to a juvenile correctional camp. The camp is called Camp Green Lake. He is sent to camp to supposedly build his character and reform his ways. While at camp, he makes a friend and develops many new, interesting character traits. In the setting and plot, the author tries to explain how life can be tough but very rewarding if we remain determined and hopeful. This story is more than just a literal story. It shows courage, determination and injustice. Firstly I would like to talk to you about the setting. In Holes, the environment acts as a metaphor for the characters emotional states. Camp Green Lake is dry, hard, and hot. It is a physically unpleasant place to be and the people who live there lead unpleasant lives. The one symbol of hope in the camp is Gods thumb where Stanley’s Great Grandfather survived for more than a week in burning hot sun. Camp Green Lake has an ironic name because there is no lake at Camp Green Lake in fact it hasn’t rained at Camp Green Lake for over 100 years. Camp Green Lake used to be thriving town with a huge lake in the middle and one of the best towns in Texas. Next I would like to talk to you about the holes. Each day all of the campers have to dig a five feet by five feet hole in the blistering hot sun they cannot stop until they are done, unless they find something of interest for the warden. They are told they are digging the holes to build character but they all know that this not true and they are actually looking for the treasure of Kissing Kate Barlow who hid it at the camp over 100 years ago. The holes symbolize there...
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